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Tammy Stephenson


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Contact Info:


Work Phone:

(479) 677-2711

Cell Phone:

479) 957-7955

About Me

Educational History:

I graduated High School in 1981 from Prairie Grove. 

I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education.

Professional Development:

I have attended multiple professional development trainings which help benefit my students.

Areas of study include 60+ hours of Conscious Discipline which helps my students learn about their emotions and how to self regulate these emotions. This is a skill that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. 

Additional areas of studies include: Pre K Literacy, CPR, and most recently this summer a 5 day course involving Pre K Math and Science.

Current Position:

This is my fourth year to teach. I had previously taught at St. Paul as a substitute teacher while my kids were growing up and attended St. Paul Schools.  After my youngest graduated in 2012 I thought what am I going to do? My whole purpose for living (my three children so I thought) has grown up and left home now what?

After many weeks of prayer I knew my calling was to teach so at the age of 48 I went back to college. The oldest in all of my classes.  At 52 I graduated in the top of my class. And my dream to teach at St. Paul became a reality.


Family Information:

I have been married to my husband Bobby for 37 years. We have lived in Madison County for 22 years. We have 3 grown children.  Mindi, Corey and Hunter.

Mindi Corey Hunter Matt and Noah


We have been blessed with 3 grandsons Noah age 8, Bo age 7, Jax age 5, and my grandaughter Avonlea who just turned 1, August 7th.

Noah Hunter, Andrea, Bo and Jax

Avonlea turns 1

I love to spend time with my grandkids but am not able to see them as much as I would love. Life just seems to get so busy. 

Me and Noah painting rocks

I have realized that over the last 3 years of teaching my students (my kids) have become like my grandkids as well. I love them and think about them as my own.

I look forward to spending time with your babies and I know I will grow to love them as much as you do. 

I truly feel blessed to be entrusted with your most precious blessings      your children.

Personal Information:

A few personal things about me:

I love the color Red.

I love Mexican Food  mainly Mojitos in Fayetteville

I love to scrapbook

I love to work puzzles the 1000 piece kind

I love to sing

I sing karoake  (I didn’t say I was good I just said I love to do it) Lol

I love spending time with my kids and grandkids and every second I get to spend with them is valuable and precious for they are my world

I love to act silly which is a daily thing when you teach Pre K

St. Paul Pre K 2018-19


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Contact Tammy Stephenson

School Phone:
(479) 677-2711
Cell Phone:
479) 957-7955